Urban Mobility Lab

In the Urban Mobility Lab project we analyse multi-modal traffic flows – an extremely complex task in a metropolis like Amsterdam, given that transport and traffic are the result of millions of major and minor decisions.

Will I take the car? Or the tram? Or will I walk? Where will I live and work? How do businesses get their deliveries? What’s the best place for that new station? Everything is interconnected in a complex web. AMS plans to build a unique laboratory to explore questions like these and the way they interact.

Understanding and predicting the dynamics of mobility begins and ends with data. By collecting and combining data form all different mobility systems and actors we can explore the complex relations between transport systems, activity patterns, demographic and economic processes. In these data we aim to discover new insights, that may give rise to new models and methods, with which we can predict, design and support more sustainable transport solutions. Within AMS we have the unique opportunity to cut through the disciplinary and sectorial boundaries and make that happen.

In the Urban Mobility lab Project we have built a prototype of a monitoring tool that combines data from many different sources. As we speak, severall follow-up projects are about to begin. Below you can read the final report and two papers produced in this project. In the spring / summer of 2016 we will go live with the actual webtools we developped!

Project duration
1 October 2014 – December 2015
October – Summer 2015, Designing and building the UML Backend
January – March, Data fusion pilot
January – Summer 2015, Cont(r)acting Data providers
April – December, Dashboard & Visualization

DiTTLAB Partners: TU Delft, CGI and Goudappel