U-Smile (Urban Smart Measures and Incentives for quality of Life Enhancement)

The Vrije Universiteit (prof Erik Verhoef) leads this project. The measures are smart because they offer an innovative mix of negative and positive financial incentives, thus bypassing some of the main disadvantages of pricing (notably a very limited acceptability) and of rewarding (in particular limited budgets and induced demand) TU Delft focuses on developing innovative network traffic flow models with which the effects of the mobility measures on travel times and costs can be computed. The PhD student (Boudewijn Zwaal) is under supervision of prof.dr. Hans van Lint and dr. Victor Knoop.

The measures are also smart because they have a highly innovative technological character, not only from the conceptual viewpoint (e.g. tradable driving permits) but also from the technological perspective (e.g. linking real time automated vehicle identification to virtual market environments). These smart measures will be studied from a multidisciplinary perspective, where forces are joined among economists, psychologists, traffic engineers and policy analysts, and will be evaluated from the perspectives of effectiveness, acceptability, and efficiency - paying attention to key urban challenges such as accessibility and environmental quality. The project has a very strong rooting in the urban reality as the case studies are undertaken jointly with Amsterdam Zuidas, Rotterdam, Groningen, and the Amsterdam ArenA area.  More info: http://www.feweb.vu.nl/nl/afdelingen-en-instituten/spatial-economics/research/projects/u-smile/index.aspx 

DiTTLAB Partners: TU Delft


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Dept. of Spatial Economics (Prof. dr. Erik Verhoef)

University of Groningen, Dept. of Social Psychology (Prof. dr. Linda Steg)

TU Delft, Section Transport and Planning (Prof. dr. ir. Hans van Lint)

TU Delft, Section Transport and Logistics, TU Delft (Prof. dr. Bert van Wee)

University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, Urban Technology Research Programme (Dr. Robert van den Hoed)


Amsterdam Zuidas


Verkeersonderneming (Rotterdam)