Get involved as a client

There are essentially three ways to collaborate in the DiTTLAB foundation: (a) in kind or (b) in cash sponsoring; or (c) by collaborating in research projects.  Below we briefly overview these three options, but note that there are many mixed possibilities (e.g. in kind sponsoring as part of a research project).

In kind sponsoring means sharing human resources (i.e. spending time in the lab) or material resources such as data, specialised software/hardware, etc. Particularly sharing human resources can be a mutually very beneficial arrangement. At the moment we have for example DiTTLAB PhD candidates that work with CGI and Studio Bereikbaar, Opentraffic programmers that work with Grontmij and more partnerships are discussed as we speak.These partnerships allow us to focus our research agenda onto the things that really matter for practice. Sharing human resources does mean making very clear agreements, for example, a PhD candidate is a long term commitment! Note that in kind sponsoring may also be part of project based funding.

In cash sponsoring means donating funds to the foundation without a specific project or product in mind. We really appreciate this kind of sponsoring because this allows us to fund students and research assistants to work on cutting edge subjects for which no direct project and / or application is available. It also helps to pay the "small" bills!

Project sponsoring means participating in a consortium of parties to work on a concrete DiTTLAB project. The basic idea is that one or more partners or organisations bring in funds for a specific project and that (the same or other) partners then use these funds to do research in DiTTLAB. There are many sources of funding thinkable. TUD, CGI and NDW collaborate on the Traffic Observatory project, that is sponsored by NDW. In 2016 we will submit an NWO/STW project proposal that follows up on some of the (really cool!) ideas in that first project. Grontmij and NISSAN work together with us on Opentrafficsim through two concrete R&D projects, sponsored by the province of North Holland and NISSAN Research respectively.

The foundation uses funds from in cash and project sponsoring for three things only. First and foremost, we use the funds to perform the research. That means, paying/hiring students, PhD candidates, postdocs, programmers, researchers, etc. Students, PhDs and postdocs are typically (but not necesarily) hired/payed through TU Delft, other researchers are payed/hired by whomever we collaborate with. The foundation has no researchers as employees; it provides funds to pay researchers from different organisations. Second, we use a small percentage of the funds to strengthen our research infrastructure (the software and hardware, databases, etc); and finally, we use a tiny percentage of the money to make sure we can pay the bills (maintaining the website, legal stuff, chamber of commerce fees, etc).

Contact us to discuss options!