About DiTTLab


We want to develop an open laboratory in which students, researchers and practitioners can work with traffic data and simulation models to develop knowledge and tools for the greater good of the international traffic and transport community  and at the same time offer possibilities for public and private partners to engage in this research and develop both private and public services on the basis of the developed knowledge.

What we do?

DiTTLAB is first and foremost a regular research lab at TU Delft, in which PhD students (from all over the world), Msc students (from TUD Master programmes) and Bsc students (with sufficient skills and knowledge) do their (research) projects. These projects are typically financed through NWO or EU projects, part of a university curriculum or part of inkind sponsoring of partners. To facilitate collaborative research with public and private organisations financed through other means we have established a Foundation (the DiTTLAB foundation).

The foundation is a lightweight construction that makes it possible to engage in multi-lateral projects without resorting to constructions with main and subcontracting. Foundation projects are subsidised and executed on the basis of equality of partners. Every project is "an adventure" in which we share skills and knowledge and work together to realise something new in terms of knowledge, methods and/or techniques. Foundation projects in this sense never fail, even though results may differ substantially from original plans.


The official DiTTLAB brochure can be found here.

How do we work?

The Delft integrated Traffic and Travel Laboratory (DiTTlab) is the follow-up project of Regiolab-Delft, in which for over 15 years we have collected, archived and used huge amounts of traffic data, which can still be accessed at the regiolab-delft.nl website. Examples of project in which we collect, process and visualise data can be found on the research projects page

DiTTLab goes a number of steps further than just archiving data. The term 'integrated' in DiTTLab implies that we also develop tools to couple these data with (traffic simulation|) models and advanced methods and algorithms for state and parameter estimation, demand estimation and much more. The end goal is to develop these methods and models within the OpenTrafficSim environment, an open source multi-scale, multi modal simulation platform (visit OpenTrafficSim.org for details). The figure below gives a schematic overview of the functional architecture of DiTTLab. The idea is that we build tools that are generic and modular. This makes it for example possible to use visualisers and analysers on data either from a simulation or from sensors.

How is DiTTlab organized?

DiTTLAB is led by prof. dr. Hans van Lint and is one of the labs in the Transport & Planning department of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology. 

The DiTTLAB foundation is governed through a three party Board of Governance that consists of 

  • Hans van Lint (Chair)
  • Theo Stevens (Secretary & Treasurer)
  • Dirk de Groot (Relations)

To support the long term vision and research agenda of the DiTTLAB foundation we have installed a Scientific Counsell with the following members:

  • Frits Brouwer (Director of NDW, Chair)
  • Michiel Struijk (Senior strategist and MT member of CGI) 
  • Lucien Groenhuizen (Founder and Director of Innofactory)
  • Michele Vlug (Director Mobility & Infra at Provincie Noord-Brabant)
  • Henri van Mil (Director Geodan)
  • Serge Hoogendoorn (Prof Traffic Operations and Management, TU Delft)
  • Alexander Verbraeck (Prof Simulation and Gaming, TU Delft)

Our contact information


Prof. ir. H. van


+31 (0)15 278 5061


Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Stevinweg 1
2628 CN, Delft
Room 4.11 (Secretary)
the Netherlands

What is the founding story of DiTTlab?

DiTTLAB is the research lab associated with the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Chair Traffic Simulation and Computing research chair of Hans van Lint (download the NL versie or UK version of his inaugural speech of April 2014 or watch it below (in DUTCH). With CGI-Nederland and the DiTCM foundation we are in the process of launching a DiTTLAB foundation to open up a transparent and attractive path for public and private partners to participate in DiTTLAB and develop innovative new services and applications in the mobility domain.